• EasiPC Email Security Advice

    EasiPC Email Security Advice

    In recent months here at EasiPC we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of schools being infected by viruses and malware through email attachments. The removal of such infections can be a laborious, time consuming and therefore expensive task which could have often been avoided entirely by following some common sense advice when dealing with emails and their attachments…

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  • Safeguarding Training

    Safeguarding Training

    It was a pleasure to welcome Lesley Pollard to the EasiPC offices today. Lesley was visiting to provide Child Safeguarding training to every member of staff in the company.

    EasiPC consider it a great honour to be invited into schools as their chosen ICT partner. As part of our commitment to schools, we believe that our duty of care extends past ICT issues, to the pupils themselves. The Safeguarding training Lesley provided, ensures that staff know the correct procedures to follow should they hear or see any issues of concern whilst working in schools.

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  • Great new Remote Access Software from EasiPC

    Here at EasiPC, we’ve been looking for a easy and cheap way for senior School staff to be able to connect to their desktop PCs without costing the earth. We can now supply you with a very cost effective way via our deal with….

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  • Protecting Your School from Ransomware

    Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to data or threatens to publish it until a ransom is paid. An advanced Ransomware attack uses a technique called cryptoviral extortion, in which it encrypts the victim’s files, making them inaccessible, and demands a ransom payment to decrypt them

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  • Seasons Greetings from EasiPC

    Everyone here at EasiPC would like to wish all our Schools, Academies, Customers, Partners and Suppliers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  • Job Vacancy - Data Cabling Engineer

    EasiPC are a growing Education IT Support company based in Northamptonshire. We provide a wide range of services to our customers; Network infrastructure installation being just one of them.

    Due to an increased work load, we are now looking for an experienced Data Cabling Engineer to join our existing team…..

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  • Job Vacancy - IT Support Technician

    IT Support Technician

    We are looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic and customer focused individual with experience in IT support to work in a well established, vibrant company offering opportunities for growth and development. The ideal candidate will preferably have experience supporting IT within the school environment, providing technical services to our growing customer base. The role is for a field based technician, mainly travelling each day to one or two schools within the Northamptonshire area….

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  • The Prevent Duty – Safeguarding the Digital Generation.

    Effective from the 1st July 2015, the UK Government recently passed new legislation, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. The legislation established a statutory duty of care, the Prevent duty, for all UK educational establishments to ensure that they are taking proactive steps to identify any students who may be at risk of being drawn into extremism or influenced by the processes of radicalisation. In addition, it aims to ensure that the necessary strategies are in place to provide early intervention.

    Protecting children and vulnerable young from the risk of radicalisation is now seen as part of a school’s wider safeguarding responsibility. In order to ensure that institutions are compliant with the Prevent duty, Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework places an increased emphasis on safeguarding. Schools will now be expected to demonstrate a culture of vigilance. Leaders will be tasked with overseeing the safe use of technology and expected to take immediate action if they are concerned about a child’s well-being…

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  • Cryptolocker Virus Prevention

    We have seen a recent rise in our customer schools mainly affecting staff laptops when used at home. It can then, once brought in to the school on an infected laptop, start encrypting network drives and even online cloud storage services like Google Drive. In most cases the only way to recover affected files apart from restoring from a backup if you have one is to actually pay the ransom for the decryption key…

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  • Free Cloud Learning Event

    Google Apps for Education has been revolutionising the way in which schools work and collaborate with 40’000’000 users worldwide. Offering a secure solution for Email, Calendars, Office Documents, Cloud Storage and more - never has it been easier to share, organise and breath life into ideas and information within the school environment.

    On the back of this, EasiPC are please to announce that we have teamed up with C-Learning and respected classroom facilitators to offer a free training seminar on…

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