Broadband & Internet Connectivity

A fast, reliable, safe connection to the world wide web is essential for schools to effectively operate on a day to day basis. EasiPC partner with the leading UK provider for education connectivity...


As EXA's preferred partner for Northamptonshire schools, we can provide your school with quick, reliable broadband. We offer a local installation service, configuration and on-going support.


EXA Education have been supplying award winning broadband to schools since 2003, and maintain an LEA approved content filtering system to provide complete online security within the classroom.


SurfProtect® is EXA´s own in-house developed, state of the art, content filtering system. If you have your internet connection through EXA, SurfProtect® is available at no additional cost.

EasiPC currently provide broadband connectivity to over 50 primary schools and academies across Northamptonshire through our partnership with EXA Education. If you are looking to change your ISP, these are just some of the things you can expect from us:


  • EXA Education are an award winning broadband provider.
  • We can provide ADSL, FTTC, leased line and bonded solutions.
  • Local support through EasiPC.
  • LEA approved content filtering system with SurfProtect®.
  • Configuration and installation of broadband router.
  • Assistance with the transition from existing broadband provider.
  • Assist with the provisioning of new broadband lines through our 3rd party provider.


For more information, contact 01604 286682 or drop us an email to