The Prevent Duty – Safeguarding the Digital Generation.

by Jezz Botterill Info Support

Effective from the 1st July 2015, the UK Government recently passed new legislation, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. The legislation established a statutory duty of care, the Prevent duty, for all UK educational establishments to ensure that they are taking proactive steps to identify any students who may be at risk of being drawn into extremism or influenced by the processes of radicalisation. In addition, it aims to ensure that the necessary strategies are in place to provide early intervention.

Protecting children and vulnerable young from the risk of radicalisation is now seen as part of a school’s wider safeguarding responsibility. In order to ensure that institutions are compliant with the Prevent duty, Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework places an increased emphasis on safeguarding. Schools will now be expected to demonstrate a culture of vigilance. Leaders will be tasked with overseeing the safe use of technology and expected to take immediate action if they are concerned about a child’s well-being.

Not Fulfilling your Statutory Duty of Care? – We can help you.

Using leading edge technology, EasiPC along with Future Digital’s active monitoring solutions ensure that schools and academies are fully equipped to fulfil their duty of care and deal with new safeguarding challenges presented by the digital world.

Using the latest in cloud technology, Future Digital’s dynamic and intelligent active monitoring solutions can support your school in safeguarding your students. Featuring an intuitive user interface that visually displays problematic activity or behaviour and advanced incident management, Future Digital’s solutions ensure that safeguarding managers can instantaneously and easily identify potentially concerning incidents in the e-learning environment and take action immediately.


  • Captures and alerts teachers to any harmful digital content, activity or behaviour.
  • Sophisticated reporting module that utilises an intuitive user interface ensuring instantaneous identification of potentially harmful digital activity.
  • Dedicated radicalisation module developed with multi- agency support and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Profiles trends & behaviours helping staff to form successful safeguarding strategies based on real knowledge.
  • Advanced incident management means that staff can identify and focus on more vulnerable children & learners.
  • Supports institutions compliance with the Prevent duty.
  • Encourages and shapes responsible behaviour in the digital world.


  • Peer-to-peer cyberbullying.
  • Instances of grooming including radicalisation and sexual threats.
  • Inappropriate or harmful behaviour on social media apps.
  • Exposure to racist, homophobic or extreme language.
  • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web content such as sex, violence or radicalisation.
  • Deliberate access to inappropriate web sites.
  • Accessing online gambling and shopping sites.
  • Alerts institutions to real world issues that young people may be experiencing e.g. domestic violence, neglect etc...

If you like to find out more about how we can help you to safeguard your students and fulfil your statutory obligations in relation to the Prevent duty, please contact us on 01604 286682 or email

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