Remote Online Backup & Restoration

EasiPC are partnered with one of the country’s largest providers of online backup services. Hosting backup data from over 12,000 schools in the UK, you can be rest assured that your important and confidential files are safe...

Backup Process

We install a small client application on your server, and overnight your daily work, including SIMS and FMS databases are backed up through a safe encrypted connection. There’s no onsite management of tapes and cartridges at all, and no worry of losing your data through theft or fire/flood damage.


Daily backups are pro-actively monitored from our offices at EasiPC, and in the event of any failure, can be quickly corrected via a remote session.


In the event of data loss in the school maybe through an accidental deletion of a crucial document, we can restore files within minutes to their original location. A full system restoration can also be done in the event of total hard drive failure if you have our optional Hardware Maintenance contract in place.

The main features of our remote backup and restoration service include:

  • Consistent regular data backups with minimum human intervention
  • Safeguards the confidentiality of school data through strong end-to-end encryption
  • Data is encrypted and is stored off site in high security data centres
  • Rapid online data recovery or with an optional data restoration service
  • No tapes or cartridges required and their management issues
  • No capital outlay for storage and backup equipment
  • Approved service for protecting SIMS and FMS data


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