School Website Design

We offer a range of web design packages to suit all budgets, as well as an effective website management plan to assist with weekly updates to the site if required...


Parents of children at the school can use your website to view calendars, policies, newsletters and other information. This is a key requirement and enables your school to communicate effectively with the wider community also.


We can also include a “kids zone” into your new website. This can link to various educational games and resources so that pupils can go online in a safe environment whilst at home and supplement their learning experiences.


Ofsted now require that specific information be published via the web. We can assist in helping your school to meet these statutory Ofsted and DfE requirements. This is a key component we build into all websites we design and host.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (or CMS for short) is used to update and make changes to websites. EasiPC’s content management system is both attractive and simple to use. Once logged into the schools website, you simply navigate to the page that you wish to update and click on the editable regions of the page. If you have ever sent an email or used Microsoft Word you will have no problem making changes to your website.

Images and video can all be added and you can also upload pdf documents like newsletters and school policies. Best of all, the content management system is web based so you can make changes from any computer with an internet connection. Our CMS can also be retrospectively installed onto most existing websites. If you are currently having issues updating your website, please contact us to discuss further.


For more information, contact 01604 286682 or drop us an email to